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Statement on Black Lives Matter Movement

The vision of Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic is that “the health of one person is the health of humanity.”

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“Together, we are dedicated to lead with the courage to care, the determination to promote personal growth, and the compassion to champion the cause of those who have no voice.”Our Mission

The vision of Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic is that “the health of one person is the health of humanity.” Furthermore, every person within the borders of the United States has the constitutional right to equal protection of the law.

In the midst of an unprecedented health care crisis, we bear witness to the increasingly common death of a black man at the hands of a police officer; another person of color denied their civil rights, their dignity, and their humanity.

We at Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic will not stand in silence to any act that violates the core values, principles, and beliefs that we hold dear in our organization. We are an organization that was created by those in need for those in need. This is our fight.

We mourn with the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless other men, women, and children. We mourn the loss of people of color taken by those that were sworn to protect them or left without justice by a system that would not prosecute their murderers.

We will not be silent in our support for the right of all people to live with dignity and be treated with respect. We join our voice with the peaceful demonstrators that are calling for our leaders to publicly disavow racism and hold accountable those that would deny people their constitutionally protected rights. Cesar Chavez and Martin Luther King showed us the path to progress and change via peaceful demonstrations that brought about change in the lives of those who had no voice.

For 40 years, we have worked tirelessly to ensure equality and fair treatment in our communities. We are hopeful that we, as a country, will find the courage to make meaningful changes that create equality for all.

People of color and those suffering from systematic racism have given their lives in service to our country. In many of the communities we serve, Hispanics have harvested our food, been caregivers to our family members, and performed difficult, poorly paying jobs while being denied equal treatment and the opportunity to live with dignity and respect.

We have an opportunity to create meaningful change and to be heard. We must have the courage to engage in difficult conversations, exercise our right to vote, and participate in the census. These are the tools for change.

The health of one person is the health of humanity.
The dignity of one person is the dignity of humanity.
Juan Carlos Olivares, CEO