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Homeless shelter with man laying down on a bed
Homeless Services
Homeless Services

Helping those affected by homelessness.

Our Northwest Community Action Center works to reduce short- and long-term homelessness in the Lower Yakima Valley.

Our approach to Homeless Services

If you’re homeless in the Lower Yakima Valley, don’t despair. We might be able to help. Northwest Community Action Center can get you off the streets and into a short-term, emergency shelter. Then they’ll guide you toward long-term housing. They can help you find a place to live and reach out to landlords. Depending on their funding, they can also cover security and utility deposits, first and last rental payments, and moving expenses. We can help anyone experiencing short- or long-term homelessness in the Northwest Community Action Center’s service area.


Elderly Hispanic woman smiling at the camera

Find a safe and secure place to stay.

  • If you’re homeless, you could get short-term, emergency hotel or motel vouchers
  • You could also use our rapid rehousing services
    • Case management
    • Help with your housing search
    • Help to reach or to deal with landlords
    • Rental payments for first and last month of tenancy
    • Security deposits
    • Utility deposits
    • Moving costs or other move-in expenses
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