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Elderly Hispanic man staring with a humble yet wise expression
Seniors On the Go
Seniors on the Go

Weekly activities for seniors.

Seniors on the Go is a local senior group that gets together every week in Toppenish for coffee, free games, fun field trips, potlucks and to listen to interesting guest speakers.

What is Seniors on the Go?

It’s fun to have something to look forward to, and we have a great suggestion for your weekly calendar. Catch up with your friends at 10 a.m. each Wednesday in the conference center at the Toppenish Medical-Dental Clinic. We’ll have the coffee going, and you can visit with everybody, play bingo – or maybe go on a short field trip or listen to a guest speaker. We’ll even give you a ride if you’d like. We can help older adults in Toppenish and other nearby areas. All are welcome. The get-togethers are sponsored by Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic and Safe Haven community center.


Elderly Hispanic woman smiling at the camera

Fun activities and experiences.

  • A chance to talk and have fun with others
  • Affordable group trips to local attractions
  • Free guest speakers
  • Potlucks
  • Bingo and other games
  • Encouragement to exercise and be healthy
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