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Individual, Group & Family Therapy

Individual, Group & Family Therapy are the main services provided at Behavioral Health Services (BHS) and are primarily available to Medicaid-eligible individuals who meet the Washington State priority definitions, determined through the BHS intake process.

Individual Therapy is designed to assist in attaining the goals developed and identified on the service plan. The treatment services are conducted by a mental health professional with individuals and any persons who are natural supports in their lives.

Family Therapy services are provided for the direct benefit of an individual, with family members and/or other relevant persons in attendance. Interventions identify and build competencies to strengthen family functions in relationship to the individual’s identified goals. The individual may or may not be present.

Group Therapy services are provided to an individual in a group setting to assist them in attaining the goals described in the service plan. There are groups for children, adolescents and adults. Group types include:

  • Support:  Individuals meet regularly to share thoughts and feelings about themselves. (Parenting, women’s issues, etc.)
  • Psycho-education:  Counselors teach or present various topics of information. (Diagnostic or medication education, parenting skills, conflict resolution, independent living skills, etc.)
  • Discussion:  The focus is on individuals and/or their families discussing topics or issues rather than on their personal issues. (For example, school violence.)
  • Growth and Experiential:  Individuals meet to learn more about themselves and skill performance like social skills training and anger management.
  • Therapy:  Individual growth is promoted through personal sharing, listening to others and a focus on self-awareness.

Locations That Offer Individual, Group & Family Therapy