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Primary Care Nutrition Services

Primary Care Nutrition Services is provided in our medical clinics by Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs), skilled nutrition providers who work side by side with medical providers to address the nutritional needs of primary care patients.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists are located at all primary care sites, and counsel patients of all ages with nutrition-related conditions (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, weight management, digestive issues, food allergies, etc.), as well as for preventative education (Well Child Checks, prenatal counseling, healthy families) and for general nutrition questions and concerns.

The Primary Care Nutrition Services model utilizes Motivational Interviewing. Nutrition interventions are tailored to meet individual’s lifestyle and support their health goals in a judgment-free, sensitive, and supportive environment.

Our Primary Care RDNs are readily accessible in our clinics for warm hand-offs from providers, and are proactive in identifying patients to drop-in on through the use of reports and registries. Same-day access is available to any patient who has established care at our clinics at no cost.

Connect with your Primary Care Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and see how our nutrition services are benefiting our patients every day!

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Primary Care Nutrition Services

Did you know Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic offers Registered Dietitians in our clinics as a free service?  Here's more about what services these providers have to offer. 

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