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ConneX Youth Health Care Career Program

Thank you for your interest in placement with Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic. Please note that it currently takes 60 days to process all placement requests because of concerns about COVID-19. 



The Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic began ConneX in 2001. ConneX assists educationally and/or economically disadvantaged students who have an interest in the health profession. More than 450 students have participated in the middle school, high school, and college programs.

The summer program provides career counseling, mentoring, and SAT test practice. College admission assistance builds the student’s knowledge and confidence. Health career preparation and focused guidance provide first-generation college hopefuls the foundation to achieve their dreams. As of 2011, 100 percent of the ConneX high school graduates are attending two or four-year colleges.

ConneX Youth Health Care Program Goals

  • Create a competitive pool of students from disadvantaged backgrounds in the Yakima Valley to enter health care professions.
  • Develop culturally competent healthcare professionals.
  • Establish a support system for ConneX students to successfully address barriers.
  • Generate long-term educational opportunities.

Vision and Mission

The vision of ConneX is to increase access to healthcare for vulnerable populations and underserved areas by developing a culturally astute workforce of healthcare professionals.

The mission of ConneX is to identify and guide young people, who are college-focused but have few advantages and numerous barriers, as they pursue higher education for healthcare careers.

Program Overview

  • Summer Exploration Program (high school students)
  • Eligibility for High School Program
  • 9th to 12th Grade
  • GPA 3.0 or higher
  • Economic and/or education challenges
  • Demonstrates a strong commitment to complete a health profession program
  • Enrolled in a participating high school. Participating schools have included: A.C. Davis High School, Eisenhower High School, Wapato High School, Toppenish High School, White Swan High School, Zillah High School, Granger High School, Sunnyside High School, Mabton High School, and Grandview High School.


ConneX is funded through the Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic.


If you have questions, please contact rosao@yvfwc.org.