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Sollus Northwest Family Nurse Practitioner Residency Program

Application Deadline: 
Monday, July 31, 2017

The Sollus Northwest Family Nurse Practitioner Residency Program in Yakima, WA and Salem, OR, is a 12-month program that provides intensive training to both clinical complexity of family practice in the safety net setting, and training to a high performance, PCMH model for primary care.

The program is specifically intended for family nurse practitioners who are committed to developing careers as PCPs in the challenging setting of community health centers and other safety net settings.

The residency is a full-time, 12-month salaried position. The program structure includes precepted primary care sessions, specialty rotations, mentored clinics and didactic sessions.

Program Overview

We’re training the residents to YVFWC’s model of high-performance health care: advanced access scheduling, planned care, the chronic care model, integrated behavioral health/primary care, team-based, with expert use of health information technology and the electronic health record, Epic.

Five residency slots are available for the 2017-2018 Sollus Northwest FNP Residency Class. The residency class begins September 4, 2017 and continues through August 31, 2018.

Applications will be accepted December 12, 2016-July 31, 2017.

The residency year begins with orientation to YVFWC and the health problems of the target population; and can include tours of local neighborhoods, tours of YVFWC sites statewide, meetings with community leaders, technical training on the electronic health record system, and orientation by our chief medical officer to the responsibilities and privileges of medical staff participation at YVFWC.

The residency has four key components:

Precepted “Continuity Clinics:”
(4 sessions/week) Precepted clinics are the cornerstone of the residency. In these clinics, the NP residents develop their own patient panel while having a YVFWC provider (MD or ARNP) exclusively assigned to them.

Specialty Rotations:
(2 sessions/week x 1/month) Rotations are in areas of high-volume/high-burden/high-risk situations most commonly encountered in the setting of the FQHC. Rotations can include: Orthopedics, Dermatology, Women’s Health, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Newborn/nursery, HIV care, Adult Behavioral Health, Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health and Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics.

Mentored Clinics:
(2 sessions/week) During independent clinics, the NP residents work as a member of a team, and see patients at the delegation of the primary care providers, who remain available for consultations.

Didactic Education Sessions:
(1 session/week) Formal learning sessions on a variety of complex clinical challenges most commonly encountered in FQHCs. The content of the presentations is planned to correspond to the residents’ current clinical experiences.

Program Goals

The Nurse Practitioner Residency in Family Practice and Community Health has the following goals:

  • Increase access to quality primary care for underserved and special populations by training family practice nurse practitioners in a FQHC-based residency program that prepares residents for full and autonomous expert care of complex underserved populations across all life cycles and in multiple settings
  • Provide new Family Nurse Practitioners (FNPs) with a depth, breadth, volume and intensity of clinical training necessary to serve as primary care providers in the complex setting of the country’s FQHCs
  • Train new FNPs to a model of primary care consistent with the Institute of Medicine (IOM) principles of health care and the needs of vulnerable populations
  • Improve the clinical skills, confidence, productivity, and job satisfaction of new family nurse practitioners who choose to work in underserved community settings, as well as contribute to employer satisfaction and workforce retention
  • Increase the number of FNPs ready to serve in leadership roles in community health settings.

How to Apply

The following items are required to complete the application process for the YVFWC Sollus Northwest Family Nurse Practitioner Residency Program:

Your resume and personal statement must be attached to your online application. The online application is required. For complete information/instructions regarding the required application requirements & how to submit them, use this PDF: FNP Application Required Items


APPLICATION DEADLINE: July 31, 2017. All components of the application must be received by this date.

Video conference interviews will be scheduled in July and August. Candidates will be interviewed by the FNP residency program director, clinical director and clinical medical director.

Apply online for the Family Nurse Practitioner Residency Program, Yakima, WA

Questions about the application process should be e-mailed to


Applicants must be recent graduates (less than 18 months) from an accredited Masters or DNP program, licensed (OR ARNP or WA ARNP) and credentialed (FNP-C) or license/credential-eligible as FNP, with a stated commitment to practice as a primary care provider in a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) or other safety net settings upon completion of the residency.

If you have any questions, please e-mail

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Consider a FNP Residency?

Family Nurse Practitioners provide effective & high-quality patient care and have an important role in improving the quality of patient care in the United States.

YVFWC offers a thoroughly structured post-graduate residency training program, like that of our physician colleagues. Family Nurse Practitioners improve the clinical skills, confidence, productivity and job satisfaction needed to work successfully in the underserved setting.

I Live in a State Other Than Washington or Oregon, May I Apply?

Out-of-state applicants for our FNP residency program are considered the same as our in state applicants.

What are the Dates to Apply for the 2017-2018 FNP Residency Program?

Applications will be accepted no earlier than December 12, 2016. Application Deadline: July 31, 2017 (All components of the online application must be received by this date.)

Do You Have Any Other FNP Residency Programs in Other State/Locations?

The Sollus Northwest Family Nurse Practitioner Residency program has two locations, Salem, OR and Yakima, WA. Two residents will be stationed in Salem, Oregon and three in Yakima, Washington.

How Many Residents are Accepted Each Year?

YVFWC currently is accepting five FNP residents.

I Applied, Now What?

YVFWC will make every attempt to respond to any applicant who meets all minimum requirements and to those who have submitted a complete application packet. If you have any questions regarding your application, please feel free to email

Throughout the application period we will be communicating with candidates regarding the status of applications. Notifications of completed applications will be sent upon receipt of all required information.

I Graduated from a NP Program that is Not a Family Nurse Practitioner Program, Can I Still Apply?

YVFWC is only accepting Family Nurse Practitioner’s into our residency program.

What if I am a NHSC Scholarship Recipient?

If you have an NHSC scholar obligation or are seeking loan repayment, please let us know. NHSC legislation does not permit internship or residency to be counted as part of the obligatory period of service, but does allow deferrals of up to one year for scholars who wish to participate in residency programs.

I need a visa sponsorship. Does YVFWC provide a visa sponsorship for the NP residency program?

YVFWC does not provide visa sponsorships because the NP residency program does not meet the necessary criteria.

Application Checklist