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About Us

Care for today – and tomorrow.

Health care has changed a lot in the past half century. A new generation of care providers has arrived, bringing fresh ideas, new technology, better ways to treat you and your family.

We are family.

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic has changed a lot since we first opened in 1978. We’ve grown into one of the largest community health centers in the Northwest, with over 40 clinics in 18 communities across Washington and Oregon. But we haven’t forgotten the most important reason we’re here: you.

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic in Toppenish 1970s and Today

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic

Compassion and convenience

Our neighborhood centers offer affordable, high-quality care for you, your kids, and your grandparents. We help when you’re hurting – and even when you’re not. Whether you’re about to be a mom for the first time, trying to soothe your 6-year-old’s toothache, helping your homebound grandmother get her medicine, or deciding the best foods to feed your family, we’re here for you. We can even help when you’re looking for work or trying to keep your home warm in the wintertime.

All in one place.

The idea of a community health center is to deliver our services directly to you. Not in some huge, confusing hospital in a big city, but right in your neighborhood. We’ve put over 40 neighborhood centers in 18 communities around the Northwest where it’s been the hardest to get to a doctor. The people who work in our centers are waiting with friendly, genuine smiles when you show you up for your visit.

We are Yakima!

To us, taking care of your health means taking care of you – with compassion. We treat you the way you want to be treated, regardless of where you live, where you’re from, or what you can pay.

“Together we are dedicated to lead, with the courage to care, the determination to promote personal growth, and the compassion to champion the cause of those who have no voice.”Our Mission

Extending our care

We don’t start with costly procedures. We start with simple acts of affection, empathy, and concern. Our approach is based on our belief that all of us – patients and providers, students, and volunteers – are bound together.

We’ve thought that since the beginning. When Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic opened, health care for migrant and seasonal farmworkers was almost non-existent.  That’s when three respected physicians — Dr. Paul Monahan, Dr. Donald Gargas, and Dr. Julie Ricking – stepped up. Working with a group of committed care providers, they set up a clinic in Toppenish in a small house made of plywood and built by VISTA volunteers.

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic History part 1

Now, all these years later, we’re still stepping up:

  • We serve more than 180,000 patients, nearly half of whom are children.
  • Our full-time staff has grown to more than 1,500 and includes 166 medical providers, 35 dentists, and 18 pharmacists.
  • Our Northwest Community Action Center has helped another 7,100 people with educational services, employment, and job training, rental and shelter help, and assistance paying for weatherization and utility bills.
  • Our WIC services alone have helped 30,000 people get food.

We’re also leaders in the era of national health care reform:

  • We are Joint Commission certified because of our outstanding programs and services.
  • We are Meaningful Use recognized for using technology to offer our patients the best care and record-keeping possible, to engage patients and their families in their health, and to assure our clients’ privacy and security.
  • We’ve also earned our Level 3 Patient-Centered Medical Home recognition by listening to patients, focusing on their personal health goals, and continuing to provide safe, high-quality affordable care.

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic History part 2

We’re in this together.

We like to think we’ve learned a few things over the years. The truth is, though, we’ve learned much of it from you. You know better than anyone what your family needs. That’s why we’ll keep listening to what you tell us, offering whatever guidance we can along the way.

And we’ll continue to give you and your family the very best care we can. Because we really are all bound together.

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic History part 3

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic is an FTCA deemed organization

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic is a network of health care clinics that receives HHS funding and has Federal PHS deemed status with respect to certain health or health-related claims, including medical malpractice claims, for itself and its covered individuals

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