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HEN Program

The HEN Program provides essential needs items and rental help. The program is for those who are low-income and not able to work for at least 90 days due to their physical and/or mental health. The Department of Social and Health Services, Community Services Division, (DSHS/CSD) determines who qualifies for referral to the HEN program. The Department of Commerce, through a network of service providers, then determines eligibility for rental help and essential needs items. Services provided through the HEN Program may include:

  • Limited rent and utility assistance
  • Move-in costs
  • Personal health and hygiene items
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Transportation assistance

Clients interested in this program must contact DSHS/CSD to determine if they qualify first.

Emergency Hotel/Motel Vouchers

Hotel/motel vouchers are available during times of extreme winter weather. They are meant to be used when other options are not available. Clients must meet the following housing status requirements to qualify:

  • Currently homeless
  • At or below 80% of the area median income (Click here to see local median income levels)

NCAC serves all who are homeless and provides help to those most in need.

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