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Board Members

Guiding us with the community first in mind.

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic's Board of Directors is made up of community stewards, consummate professionals, and dedicated healthcare advocates. Their diverse backgrounds help guide us in our mission to deliver exceptional care to our communities in need.

Dedicated advocates for the community and the health care of our patients.

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic is led by a team of dedicated health care advocates, community champions, and seasoned medical professionals. They shape the future of our organization by helping us grow our operations across the Pacific Northwest and deepening our roots into the communities we serve. Their tireless efforts to bring essential services to underserved populations have radically improved the lives of millions of people since our founding in 1973 and we thank them for their continued guidance, courage, and passion.

Meet our Board Members.

Headshot of Adrian Ochoa
Adrian Ochoa
Board Member

Yakima County

Virginia Santillanes, Board Member, Chair
Virginia Santillanes
Board Member, Chair

Yakima County

Eliza Cerna, Board Member, Vice Chair
Eliza Cerna
Board Member, Vice Chair

Walla Walla County

Roberto Alvizo, Board Member, Secretary
Roberto Alvizo
Board Member, Secretary

Yakima County

Patricia Myers, Board Member, Treasurer
Patricia Myers
Board Member, Treasurer

Yakima County

Tom Sak, Board Member, Past Chair
Tom Sak
Board Member, Past Chair
Alfredo Aceves, Board Member
Alfredo Aceves
Board Member

Umatilla County

Martin Torres, Board Member
Martin Torres
Board Member
Sandra April, Board Member
Sandra April
Board Member

Spokane County

Lorenzo Cuevas, Board Member
Lorenzo Cuevas
Board Member

Yakima County

Miguel Esquivel, Board Member
Miguel Esquivel
Board Member

Yakima County

Irene Taylor, Board Member
Irene Taylor
Board Member

Marion County