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Request for Proposals

YVFWC – Telecom System Replacement – Request for Proposal

Yakima Valley Farm Worker’s Clinic (YVFWC) is inviting you to participate in our RFP for a full telephone system replacement. This exciting project includes the integration of a new cloud-telephony provider, replacement of our 2,576 IP handsets, and professional services to facilitate the system side of this integration*.

*YVFWC staff will take a large role in the physical deployment of telephone handsets.

This project will take place over the next year and is intended to be concluded by Nov 1st of 2023.

We welcome you to review in detail this public RFP posting. Please be sure to read the RFP in detail and itemize your responses and estimates.

The organization currently has a Mitel/ShoreTel telephone system using Azure SBCs to support SIP trunking and internet/WAN distribution to all locations. This includes a current 2,576 +/- telephone handsets distributed throughout 50+ locations in Washington and Oregon.

It is intended that all sites be pre-provisioned and migrated in phases, (clinic-by-clinic) to the new cloud system over a 10-month period from the project initiation / contract signing date. This is intended to minimize disruptions to daily operations in critical medical environments.

PROPOSAL REQUIREMENTS: please submit the following information
1) Vendor Contact Information
a) Name of vendor:
b) Business address:
c) Vendor Contact Person for YVFWC:
d) Telephone:
e) Email
2) Brief description of the vendor. This section should provide YVFWC with information regarding the vendor’s expertise and experience in providing large amounts of equipment smoothly and on-time.
3) Vendor’s Personnel and Qualifications. This section should identify the individuals who will be participating in the YVFWC purchase process including installation, support, and maintenance, including the experience of each individual. Certification and/or proof of being an authorized vendor partner is also required by value added resellers and third parties.
4) References. This section should provide YVFWC with three references for work the vendor has performed in the past year delivering product with similar size and scope of this RFP.

• All questions regarding this RFP may be sent to:
o IS Telecom and/or
• All questions will be answered weekly during RFP posting.
• All questions responses/answers will be sent to all vendors in weekly replies.