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Northwest Dental Residency (AEGD)

Clinical experiences.

Comprehensive experiences in oral surgery, endodontics, orthodontics, and experience using advanced dental equipment.

Clinical Experiences

Oral Surgery and Endodontic Experiences
Our oral surgery and endodontic clinical experiences are designed to be comprehensive experiences. All aspects of both oral surgery and endodontic care are covered, including, but not limited to, treatment planning, emergency care, restorative care, pulp treatment, behavior management, and space maintenance, advanced endodontic procedures including more complex root canals, crown placement, and advanced oral surgery procedures such a bone grafts, full bony impaction extractions, and implant placement.

Residents participate in these clinical experiences either at their home base clinics or at the Toppenish Dental Clinic in Toppenish, WA. The Program has the benefit of two local specialists in the areas of oral surgery and endodontics, respectively, who provide the training involved in these clinical experiences.

Endodontic Experiences
Basic and some advanced elements of Molar Endo Training provided by means of didactic sessions with hands-on component(s) presented by a local specialist.  Additional clinical training available as may be needed with the specialist.

Orthodontic Experience
These orthodontic sessions will give the resident hands-on experience in transitional orthodontic techniques and procedures.

Experience Using Advanced Dental Equipment
Training in the use of advanced dental equipment such as clinical microscopes and Soft Tissue Lasers, 3D Dental Systems and Soft Tissue Lasers.

Oral Surgery Clinical Experience
You will be provided with oral surgery cases on a regular basis throughout your residency including routine extractions, surgical extractions of erupted teeth, and impactions. In addition to that, you will have an opportunity to work with our oral surgeon during scheduled times to experience oral surgery procedures.

AEGD Procedures

Average procedures per resident. 2017 – 2022 AEGD Classes.

Procedure Average/Resident
Restorations 552
Crowns 26
SSC (primary teeth) 8
Primary Pulp Tx 3
Anterior RCT 9
Bicuspid RCT 8
Molar RCT 10
Bridges 2
RPD/Dentures 14
Routine Extractions 219
Surgical Extractions-Erupted 22
Soft Tissue Extractions 7
Partial Bony Extractions 10
Perio Surgical Procedures/Bone Grafts 8