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Teacher talking to two adult students at their desk
Adult Education
Adult Education

Classes and activities for adults.

Our Northwest Community Action Center (NCAC) in Toppenish offers a range of classes and activities for adults during daytime hours.

Adult Education programs

Computer Lab
Sit down at one of our 20 computers with internet access and research your family history, do your homework or go job-hunting. You need to sign a user agreement, but the access is free.

Catch up with your friends every Wednesday morning in the conference center at the Toppenish Medical-Dental Clinic. We’ll keep the coffee going while you visit and play bingo. Sometimes we take short field trips or listen to guest speakers.

English as a Second Language (ESL) classes
If you didn’t grow up speaking English, these courses are for you. We cover grammar, pronunciation, spelling and vocabulary. We also help you improve your skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening to English.

Some courses teach specific uses of English, such as particular ways to speak English in fields like business or tourism. You could also learn about the culture and society of English-speaking countries. Learn about ESL classes.

Citizenship classes
Our classes help you get ready for the naturalization test and interview to become a U.S. citizen. You’ll get useful information about civics and U.S. history and tips on how to handle your naturalization interview. Learn about Citizenship Classes.

Town Halls
Every other month, we bring in guest speakers who talk about interesting and relevant subjects. You can listen to such talks as “How to Avoid the Emergency Room,” “ How to Respond to Natural Disasters,” “Human Trafficking” or “Youth Suicide Prevention.” We’ll set out light snacks, along with activities to keep kids busy during the talk. Everyone is welcome at these free talks.

To learn more about any of the Adult Education services, please visit Northwest Community Action Center →


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