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Behavioral Assessment
Behavioral Assessment Team

Evaluate your child's behavior.

Our Behavioral Assessment Team (BAT) is a program at Children’s Village in Yakima works with children who have special developmental and mental health needs.

Our approach to behavioral assessment

Behavioral Assessment can evaluate whether your child needs professional services for concerning patterns of behaviors and help you make a plan for improvement. Our Behavioral Assessment Team can help kids with special needs who show symptoms of mental health disorders.


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Assess your child’s behavior.

  • Tests at your home or school to see what is causing your child’s behaviors
  • Individual treatment plans
  • Support for you or anyone helping care for your child
  • Short-term treatment for kids who throw severe tantrums, disobey adults, act aggressively, or are hurting themselves
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Our Behavioral Assessment Team.

The Behavioral Assessment Team (BAT) are specialists in working with children with developmental delays and mental health conditions. They can tell you how serious your child’s behavior issues are. They can also find out what’s causing the behaviors and whether they might slow your child’s learning or personal growth. They can offer ideas for treatments.

Our friendly Behavioral Assessment Team (BAT) can help your child.

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