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Mental Health Counseling and Treatment
Mental Health Counseling and Treatment

Help with thoughts and feelings.

Our Mental Health Counseling and Treatment services will help assess your mental health needs and make a plan for treating any serious conditions like anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Mental Health Counseling and Treatment

We specialize in mental health services for children and adolescents. Our mental health professionals can provide individual, family, or group therapy. We have programs and groups for kids, teenagers, and adults. Mental Health Counseling and Treatment services are available for those who qualify based on diagnosis and impact on daily living. Most of our clients qualify for Medicaid.


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Start feeling better today.

  • Relief from trauma, anxiety, depression, and other conditions
  • Skills for parenting, conflict resolution, anger management, and independent living
  • A chance to talk about difficult topics, such as violence at school
  • Better social skills and ways to learn more about yourself
  • Opportunities to talk with and listen to others who are going through similar things. This can lead to individual growth and more self-awareness
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What are Mental Health Counselors?

Our Counselors are specially trained to help you focus on current problems in your life. Once they’ve helped you identify what’s bothering you, they guide you to ways you can change your circumstances.

Our friendly Counselors are here to help you understand your behaviors, feelings, and thoughts in a safe environment.

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