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Young girl picking out new prescription glasses

Care for your vision and eyes.

Optometry takes care of your eye health and helps you preserve your vision.

Our approach to Optometry

If you’re having trouble seeing which player is your kid at the soccer game, you might need Optometry care. Your eye problems could show up as blurred vision, double vision, or even headaches. Maybe you need glasses, or maybe you need some sort of medication. Whatever it is, our Optometry services can help you put things in perspective.

We also offer care before you have any symptoms of vision loss. Regular eye exams from an early age can detect and treat problems before they get worse. Our Optometry services can help babies, starting at six months of age, children, starting at age 3 (kids should get eye exams every one to two years), and adolescents and adults who are having vision problems.


Hispanic woman holding child who is playing with her glasses

Improve your vision and eye health.

  • Relief from headaches that may be caused by eye problems
  • Improvement from blurred vision or double vision
  • A better sight to help with reading, seeing things up close, or seeing at night
  • Help in detecting eye diseases, injuries, and disorders
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Dr. Rodriguez in Toppenish eye clinic examining the eyes of a young patient

What is an Optometrist?

Optometrists are doctors who specialize in taking care of your eyes and making sure your vision is as good as it can be. If your eyes need an extra boost, Optometrists might prescribe medications or glasses to help you see better.

Our friendly doctors can help you see better, find good looking glasses, and take care of your eye health.

Meet our friendly Optometrist ready to help you.

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