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Parents As Teachers
Parents as Teachers

Helpful tips from other parents.

Parents as Teachers lets you learn helpful tips from other parents who have already faced some of the issues you’re dealing with.

Parents as Teachers

Parents as Teachers focuses on helping all children learn, grow, and develop to their full potential. That means providing the information, support, and encouragement that all parents need to help their children develop optimally during the crucial early years of life. Our goal is to help parents engage with their children in ways that lead to a lifetime of good health, educational achievement, and future success. Parents as Teachers is a free program for those who are: expecting a child; parents of children ages 0-3 (including grandparents, aunts, uncles, foster parents, and other caregivers); in need of extra parenting support; interested in school readiness. Our Parents as Teachers program is proud to be recognized as a Blue Ribbon affiliate.


Home Visits
Personal home visits

Parents are paired up with a trained parent educator who will support their parenting goals and help them become their child’s first teacher.

Group Connections
Group connections

Fun events, information, and playgroups with other parents who have small children. A time to learn, make friends and support each other.

Developmental Screening
Developmental screenings

Checking in during personal visits to ensure that any possible challenges related to hearing, vision, or learning are detected and addressed early.

Resource Network
Resource Network

Helping you find and use community resources to reach family goals.


Pregnant mother sitting in a chair talking to doctor

Guidance from other parents.

  • More understanding about your child’s development
  • Parenting support from peers who’ve already been through similar issues
  • Help in seeing developmental delays or health issues in your kids
  • Help in preventing child abuse and neglect
  • Help in getting your kids ready to go to school
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Are you interested in joining this program? Please email and a team member will get back to you shortly. We kindly ask for a two-year commitment to the program.

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