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Pharmacist putting medication on a shelf
Prescription Assistance Program
Prescription Assistance

Help paying for medication.

Our Prescription Assistance works with family doctors and agencies to help you apply for pharmaceutical assistance programs (PAP).

Prescription Assistance

There are ways to get help paying for your prescriptions. Knowing where to look – and getting through all that paperwork — can be hard, though. That’s where our Prescription Assistance team comes in. We work with family doctors and agencies to get all your information organized. Then we help you turn in the forms. Our team also follows up to make sure you get your refills. We can help any Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic patient that needs help paying for their medicines.


Female talking to a pharmacist at the consult counter

Get the prescriptions you need.

  • Help in getting your prescriptions filled from drug companies.
  • Help with filling out applications
  • Help getting refills on your drugs
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