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Primary Care Behavioral Health
Primary Care Behavioral Health

Behavioral care in your primary care clinic.

Our Primary Care Behavioral Health services help you with behaviors that are affecting your everyday life and health.

Primary Care Behavioral Health

Everyone has moments where the need help understanding feelings, emotions, and thoughts. If this is causing problems with others or with your physical well-being, a Behavioral Health Consultant (BHC) can help. BHCs meet with you and your primary care doctor and offer diagnoses, brief support, or referrals. Our Primary Care Behavioral Health can help Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic patients who have seen their provider in the past year. You’ll get support from a Behavioral Health Consultant (BHC) at many of our clinics.


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  • Brief sessions during medical appointments.
  • Help to see if longer-term behavioral health counseling or other care might help you
  • Help with medical conditions that also have a mental aspect. For instance, we can help if you have trouble learning new medical routines, following medication directions, or balancing your mental and physical health
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What are Behavioral Health Consultants?

A Behavioral Health Consultant (BHC) is a mental health professional with special skills to treat your mind and body. BHCs are part of your primary care team. They work with you and your doctor when you come in for your appointment.

Our Behavioral Health Consultants (BHC) are here to help your family and provide answers to your questions.

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