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Psychiatric Services

Care for your mental health.

Psychiatric Services can help if your mental health is interfering with your lifestyle.

Our approach to Psychiatric Services

When mental health issues are harming your work, relationships, or daily activities, it might be good to talk with a professional. Our Psychiatrists are trained to find out what might be troubling you and what’s causing it. They can then offer evaluation and medication management to make you feel better. Our psychiatric services can help kids, teenagers, adults, and families. Our psychiatrists are here for anyone with mental health conditions that might need medication as well as therapy.


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Start to feel better for yourself and your family.

Our friendly psychiatrists are here to help you, services include:

  • Diagnosis and treatment for mental health diseases and disorders
  • Medication management and monitoring
  • Guidance for you and your primary care doctor
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What is a Psychiatrist?

Psychiatrists are medical doctors who have received additional training to work with mental health disorders. Our Washington State psychiatrists are all board-certified to work with kids, teenagers, and adults.

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