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Mother and son reading a book in a library
Reach Out and Read
Reach Out and Read

Read to your child every day.

The Reach Out and Read program shows parents how much reading to their kids can help them learn.

Reach Out and Read

Sure, it’s just a bedtime story or reading from a book at the kitchen table. However you do it, reading to children for just 20 minutes a day helps their language skills and ensures that they’ll do better in school. Reach Out and Read encourages parents to read to their kids for the sake of improving children’s skills and sharing fun family time together. Children from 6 months to 5 years old receive a book at their well-child check.

Are you interested in learning more about Reach out and Read? Call Juan Ramirez at (509) 865-6175 extension 3619.


Mother and daughter sitting down and reading a book together

Help your child learn.

  • Your children will gain stronger language skills
  • Better health for your kids. The program stresses well-child checkups, which means more kids get their vaccinations on schedule
  • Fun shared family experiences
  • If you’re a young mom, it could help you relieve your stress and sadness
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