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A healthy diet for your family.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP-Ed) helps you buy the food you need for your family and promotes healthy diets.

Our approach to SNAP-Ed

You’ve probably heard of Food Stamps, the federal program set up to help low-income people buy food. Well, now that program is called SNAP-Ed (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). And it’s still a big help.

If you qualify for benefits, SNAP-Ed helps cover your grocery bills, giving you easier access to healthy food for you and your family. The program also promotes smart eating habits to keep you and your family from getting sick or becoming obese. SNAP-Ed can help families whose income qualifies and patients of health care centers who receive discounted services. In some cases, where you live can make a difference in your eligibility.


Mother in kitchen assisting two young daughters chopping vegetables

Tasty foods and a healthy lifestyle.

  • Guidance on nutrition and exercise
  • Tips for stretching your food dollars
  • Education for students in some 21st Century Afterschool programs in the Lower Yakima Valley
  • A five-week course for adults called “Plan, Shop, Save & Cook”
  • Monthly food demonstrations at various Yakima Valley locations
  • You can take part in Policy, Systems, Environmental change projects at some schools and grocery stores
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