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NYU Langone Pediatric Dental Residency

Apply to this Residency Program.

We believe in the right to wellness for all in a comprehensive, preventative approach to health. We also strive for a cultural diverse, exceptionally talented team that will champion our programs values of inclusivity and cultural understanding.

The PASS/MATCH application deadline is October 1st, 2020 (we will offer rolling applications and interviews). NYU Langone Dental Medicine-Advanced Education in Pediatric Dentistry participates in a POST-MATCH application and acceptance process when open positions remain after the MATCH process has been completed.

PASS/MATCH Application Process

The program application MUST be submitted through PASS and all materials MUST be obtained through them.  NYU Langone Dental Medicine-Advanced Education in Pediatric Dentistry also participates in MATCH.

Apply to PASS

Requirements for participating in PASS and MATCH

Complete the PASS application by October 1st (we will offer rolling applications and interviews) and designate all sites of interest to you. Late applications can be submitted but will be given lower priority

  • All material needs to be submitted to PASS
  • No additional material needs to be sent to the program.

Post-MATCH Application Process

The Post-Match Application process closes April 1st each year.

Admission Requirements

  • DDS or DMD degree from an ADA-accredited American or Canadian dental school
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident; or a Canadian citizen and eligible for a TN visa
  • Must have passed Part I of National Board Dental Examination (NBDE) prior to application and Part II (or the Integrated National Dental Board Examination) by the start of the residency
  • ADAT is not required
  • Dental transcripts through PASS
  • Three Professional Evaluation Forms (PEF) through PASS
  • All candidates must be proficient/fluent in the English language
  • PASS application; MATCH number
  • Personal interview (upon invitation)
  • Completion of dental school or current residency in good standing by the start of the program (July 1st)
  • Must live within 20 minutes of health center by the start of residency to respond to after-hours emergency calls

Program Orientation Details

Notification about the orientation schedule at NYU Langone Dental Medicine-Advanced Education in Pediatric Dentistry’s extramural training sites will be arranged and communicated by site Associate Program Directors.

Program Stipend and Benefits

NYU Langone Dental Medicine-Advanced Education in Pediatric Dentistry offers its residents generous stipends and fringe benefits.


For more information on this residency program, please contact NYU Langone Health.

NYU Langone Health Website
(646) 801-0039