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Foster child and foster parent playing ball
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Support Services

Foster care support services.

Behavioral Health Services (BHS) supports the rehabilitation of foster children and provides ongoing training and support services to foster parents.

How we support the child.

  • Individual, group, and family therapy
  • Independent living skills
  • Crisis assessments and interventions for children and adolescents
  • Intensive outreach-based case management
  • Behavioral assessments for children
  • Psychological testing and psychiatric services
  • Job preparation and life skills training
Foster parent getting support

Ongoing support for the foster parent.

  • 24 Hour on-call support
  • Therapy sessions for the foster child
  • Case management services
  • Healthcare for the foster child
  • Training for foster parents
  • Monthly respite for foster parents
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Foster care child smiling

Financial reimbursement.

  • Monthly reimbursement between $575 and $1,700
  • Respite daily rate of $50 for a planned respite and $70 for a crisis respite
  • Medical and dental coverage for a foster child

While the reimbursement is helpful in offsetting some of the costs of care, foster parents typically absorb some costs themselves. They do it because they are volunteering to make a difference in the lives of children. Payments are considered reimbursement and are not taxable income.

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