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Community Volunteer Placements

Thank you for your interest in a placement with Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic. Please note that it currently takes 60 days to process all placement requests because of concerns about COVID-19. This extends to all students, intern/externships, rotations, job observations and shadows, high school job shadows, job training placements, and volunteer placements. For more information on applying, click here

Community Volunteer Placements

YVFWC welcomes qualified volunteers from our service communities. Thank you for donating your time and talent to support the YVFWC mission!

Although YVFWC volunteers are not paid, you will gain experience, assist staff to expand services, contribute new ideas to improve YVFWC, and know that your efforts help others. As a volunteer, you may expect to be treated as a valued member of our team.  YVFWC volunteer placements range from one day health fairs to weekly administrative or clinical assignments. Specific training and site orientation will be provided for each volunteer assignment.

To maximize time and training, volunteers placed for ongoing assignments are asked to commit 3-15 hours per week on regularly scheduled days.

Applicants requesting volunteer placement with YVFWC must meet the following requirements prior to the start of placement:

  • Personal interview with site supervisor.
  • Acceptable criminal background check completed by YVFWC.
  • Proof of current Two Step Tuberculosis Skin Test (TWO separate results) or other acceptable documentation of TB status.
  • Seasonal Influenza vaccination.
  • Completed application and orientation documents. (You may send us electronic copies of the following documents when you apply.) The following additional documentation is required a minimum of 10 business days before placement start date:
    • A letter of interest and specific goals for your volunteer experience.
    • Copy of resume.
    • Volunteers who must use a language other than English with patients or clients will be required to complete an ALTA language fluency test (at YVFWC expense) prior to being cleared to interpret or speak with patients/clients in a language other than English. Testing must be scheduled at least 3 business days prior to test date.
    • Volunteers who will work under state issued license (i.e. Dentist, Dental Assistant, C.N.A., Pharmacist, etc.) must provide active license prior to start date. (Additional training, health and background requirements may apply.)


  • Upon placement approval, all volunteers must agree to complete and return time sheets and evaluations as provided.
  • Placement with YVFWC is subject to above terms and staff availability.