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Student and visiting resident rotations

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All students and visiting residents requesting placement with Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic must meet the following requirements prior to the start of placement:

  • An Affiliation Agreement must be in place with your educational program–this can take four weeks or more to complete.
  • Students must complete the required application and orientation documents. The following additional documentation is required a minimum of 10 business days before the placement start date. (You may send us electronic copies of the following documents when you apply.)
Additional required documents
  1. A Letter in Good Standing from program confirming that student meets academic and other requirements for placement.
  2. Certificate of Professional Liability Insurance–program and individual as required by program or placement type.
  3. The Learning Guidelines, Scope of Practice, or Skills Checklist by which you will be instructed during placement and evaluated.
  4. Proof of Criminal Background Check on student/visiting resident as completed by the program within the prior 12 months.
  5. A copy of your resume/CV as appropriate.
  6. Proof of HIPAA, Blood Borne Pathogen and CPR training for all clinical placements.
  7. Appropriate state licensing for visiting residents, pharmacy interns, and nurse practitioner students.
  8. ALL students and visiting residents must provide proof of current Two-Step Tuberculosis Test (TWO separate results) or other acceptable documentation of TB status.
  9. All clinical students and visiting residents must provide proof of current MMR, HEP B, Tdap, and Seasonal Influenza vaccinations.
  10. All health tests are student responsibility and expense.


If you have any questions, please contact