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Energy Assistance
Energy Assistance

Help paying your energy bill.

Our Northwest Community Action Center helps cover energy bills for low-income families living around the Lower Yakima Valley.

Utility Assistance Services helps qualified clients with heating costs. The service is for low-income households who are not able to pay energy bills. The service can help pay for the following:

  • Electricity
  • natural gas
  • propane
  • heating oil
  • wood for heating

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Our approach to Energy Assistance

Keeping the heat on can be as vital to your family’s health as food or medicine. If you qualify, NCAC may be able to provide up to $1,000 worth of aid each year. Our goal is to keep you and your family warm, safe, and stable. You should not have to choose between heat and other needs. The service helps low-income clients:

  • Pay utility bills
  • Prevent service from being disconnected
  • Reconnect service

Low-income clients who own their homes can also get help to repair or replace heating equipment in those homes. If you cannot get the temperature up to 65 degrees in every room, we may be able to help. The higher your utility bill, the more help you may be able to get.

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We can offer Energy Assistance to eligible households in these zipcodes:

  • 98920 Brownstown
  • 98921 Buena
  • 98930 Grandview
  • 98932 Granger
  • 98933 Harrah
  • 98935 Mabton
  • 98938 Outlook
  • 98939 Parker
  • 99350 Prosser
  • 98944 Sunnyside
  • 98948 Toppenish
  • 98951 Wapato
  • 98952 White Swan
  • 98953 Zillah
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Help you paying your bills.

  • The service offers grants from $100 to $1,000 per household, per year. The amount of each grant is based on:
    • cost to heat your home
    • average monthly income
    • number of people in your home

    If your heat or utilities have been cut off, or if you have received notice they will be, we can get you an emergency appointment.

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What to bring to your appointment.

    • Your most recent energy bill or proof of address
    • Social Security information for all adults in the household (Social Security card or a letter from the Social Security Administration will work)
    • Current ID with date of birth for the primary applicant (Current ID for all adults in the household is preferred)
    • Current ID for anyone over the age of 18 in the household
    • Social Security card
    • birth certificate
    • passport
    • Proof of income for all adults in the household for the last three months prior to the appointment:
      • Pay stubs dated back three months before your appointment
      • Social Security award letter (including SSA, SSI, SSDI, and SSP)
      • Proof of pensions or retirement income (award letter from current year or bank deposit statements)
      • Any documents about child support, unemployment, caretaker income (COPES), self-employment or 1099 income
    • A “No Income Statement” from any unemployed adult who had no income

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