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What Does “Staying Home” Mean?

Health professionals, politicians, and movie stars are all telling us to “stay home and stay healthy.” But what does that mean?

Girl with mask typing on tablet

Health professionals, politicians, and movie stars are all telling us to “stay home and stay healthy.” But what does that mean?

Cases of COVID-19 are doubling every few days across the United States. We need every single neighbor, friend, and family member to be 100% committed to knocking this virus out. That means we must restrict our activities that involve interacting with other people. We can’t continue to transmit this virus to our loved ones, and unknowingly to others.

There are many questions we’ve been asked. Some include:

• Can my family and I go to the store?

• Can I visit my grandma and grandpa?

• Can I go to the park? No one else is there anyway.

• It’s my son’s birthday, surely we should be able to celebrate with our family. The answer to all these questions, and more, is a resounding no.

• Only the bare number of people should go into any store and only go when you absolutely need to. Leave loved ones at home, get your groceries, and make sure you sanitize your shoes, hands and clothes after going out. While you’re at the store, make sure you stay 6 feet away from all other people.

• Connect with grandparents by phone, video chat, or write them a letter. Older people are at higher risk for complications and death.

• We see large numbers of children using our parks and sharing toys. Now is not the time for your children to be in public spaces.

• Don’t turn a reason for celebration into a reason for grief. Postpone celebrations until after the stay at home order has been lifted. My family and I have changed the way we ‘gather’ with one another. We’ve been utilizing the video chatting options on our cell phones. We have done dinner parties, late night chats, virtual bar hopping, paint and sips and more. Consider this. “I can wait to see you for a few more weeks, so I can ensure seeing you for years to come.”

You might not get that sick. You might not even ever have any symptoms. But consider this: Choosing to go out could spread what you can’t see to someone who won’t survive this. COVID-19 affects us all differently, and for many it has resulted in death. It’s our responsibility, duty and honor to help keep our loved ones and even strangers safe.

There are exceptions to the stay at home order, including essential workers, and essential activities like a trip to the grocery store. Many, unfortunately, are still not taking this “stay home” order far enough. It’s easy to get discouraged and frustrated and want to give up. It’s easy to say, “Going to grandmas won’t hurt, they are family.” But please, for the sake of all our loved ones, stay home.”