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COVID-19 Vaccine Newsletter #2

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Elderly woman getting vaccine from male doctor

Vaccination Eligibility

Washington and Oregon have developed questionnaires to help determine your vaccine eligibility. Generally, both states have prioritized health care workers and other high-risk groups in recent weeks. Currently, Washington is vaccinating people 65 and older and adults 50 years and older who live in multigenerational homes. Oregon is vaccinating childcare providers and k-12 educators and staff, with plans to begin vaccinating people +80 years old on February 7th.

Consult your state’s vaccination eligibility documents and take their questionnaires to determine if you currently qualify for the COVID-19 vaccine. If you qualify, your county health department will have information on where you can get your vaccine.

Washington Vaccine Rollout Plan // Washington Eligibility Questionnaire

Oregon Vaccine Rollout Plan // Oregon Eligibility Questionnaire (Not mobile optimized. Look for the Eligibility Tool under Vaccine Sequencing)

County/Region Openings

Both Washington and Oregon are enacting restrictions based on data about the pandemic’s prevalence in a given area. Safety measures like mandatory masking, limited indoor dining, and social distancing regulations have shown to be effective in lowering infection rates. To learn more about how your county or region is reducing transmission risk, please consult your state’s reopening regulations.

Washington – Opening Phases by Region // Phase Guidelines

Oregon – Restrictions by County

Exposure Notification Systems

States across the nation have private, secure contract tracing systems that utilize your mobile phone. These systems can alert you to possible COVID-19 exposures so that you can seek testing and properly safeguard those around you. When someone with a notification app tests positive for COVID-19, they can anonymously report it. Then others with the app can be notified of potential exposure to the virus. This tool can help you and others quarantine in the event of a likely exposure without sharing personal details with the public. Washington State has released WA Notify for both Apple and Android devices. Over 1.73 million Washingtonians have already signed up. Learn more about the app, its security and privacy features, and how to download the app here.

Oregon is expected to release its app in the coming weeks.


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