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COVID-19 Vaccine Newsletter #3

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Vaccination Eligibility

Oregon and Washington continue to vaccinate eligible persons in phases 1A and 1B. Generally, these include health care workers, high-risk groups, and senior citizens (+65 in Washington, +75 in Oregon). Washington is also vaccinating adults 50 years and older who live in multigenerational homes while Oregon is vaccinating childcare providers and k-12 educators and staff.

Please consult your state’s vaccination eligibility documents and take their questionnaires to determine if you currently qualify for the COVID-19 vaccine. If you qualify, your county health department will have information on where you can get your vaccine.

Washington Vaccine Rollout Plan // Washington Eligibility Questionnaire

Oregon Vaccine Rollout Plan // Oregon Eligibility Questionnaire (Not mobile optimized. Look for the Eligibility Tool under Vaccine Sequencing)

CDC Recommends Double Masking

It may seem excessive to wear two masks, but the results can be significant. Combining a surgical mask with a cloth one results in a snugger fit and improved filtration. It’s important to use two different types of masks when doubling up. Using two of the same mask results in no added coverage, limiting any added benefits. While one mask is far safer than no mask, double masking can help protect in higher risk settings where strict adherence to social distancing can be difficult, like at the grocery store. For more information on how to make your mask more effective, please visit the CDC’s website.

Masks Are Now Required on Mass Transit

Effective February 2, 2021, masks are required on planes, buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation traveling into, within, or out of the United States and in U.S. transportation hubs such as airports and stations. This order applies to everyone older than 2 years old. The CDC continues to recommend limiting recreational travel whenever possible to slow the spread of COVID-19. Learn more about the CDC’s new travel requirements here.

Reopening Continues Across the Northwest

Both Oregon and Washington are allowing more businesses to begin limited indoor operations in counties and regions with falling transmission rates. We want to remind our communities that conducting public, indoor activities without social distancing or a mask puts you at an elevated risk for exposure to COVID-19. Please exercise caution when considering what activities you participate in. These openings are also subject to change. Consult your states reopening plans for the latest information in your area.

Oregon Reopening
Washington Reopening